Club Penguin Blog: April 2012 Igloo Contest Runner Ups

Tomorrow in the Club Penguin Times (Issue 338) the winners of the April Fools Day Igloo Contest will be announced! In the meantime, Happy77 published three of the contest runner-ups on the community blog for us to check out. You can view them below.




Very nice! Which one do you like the most? I like Flash15921’s and the giraffe playing the drums and the snowman on the treadmill. Lol!

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7 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog: April 2012 Igloo Contest Runner Ups

  1. IS THIS SOME FREAKING JOKE? All of those igloos are horrible, but specially the second one from Flash. Come on, what the heck are you doing club penguin. My igloo used to beat ’em all. -.-

  2. They’re stalling on the Arctic White Blog post, this wait for that post is awful, and igloo posts aren’t helping. >.>

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