Unreleased & Returning Items

I know of a few more items that will be returning next month, as well as some new ones! Here they are:

The Knotted Recycle Shirt has been ever so slightly renamed, now known as the Knotted Recycle T-Shirt. For those of you that don’t recognise this item, it was in last year’s April 2011 Clothing Catalogue:

The African Painted Dog Costume and Snow Leopard Costume from last year’s Earth Day Party¬†were 50 coins each. They are now returning for 400 coins each.

Now for unreleased items:

  • Safari Helmet (free, for everyone)
  • Rock-hopper Costume (members, 400 coins)
  • Lion Costume (members, 400 coins)
  • Forest Pin (free, for everyone)

7 thoughts on “Unreleased & Returning Items

  1. Cool! Do you think there the Earth Party will come back but with a different name? Like Nature Expedition? I’m pretty sure this aren’t for Aprils Fools.(The safari hat and the leopard costumes.)

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