Medieval Party 2011

The 2011 Medieval Party was from May 20 – 29th. There was a brand new Noble Knight stamp. There was three knights quests, and one of the free items was a White Knight’s Helmet. Several days before the party was released Happy77 uploaded some sneak peek footage of the party.

8 thoughts on “Medieval Party 2011

    • fizzizap its easy you need a sield to beat yellow hydra use lava to beat blue hydra and throw snowballs to beat red hydra but if you get hit by red hydra you lose all hydra proggress and go back one room

  1. I LOVE THE MEDIEVIL. It was the funest party i ever had. I wish there was a cp party about ancient rome. what cp party did u ever want to have?

  2. This is one of the best cp ever made!
    I beet all quest on the last day of my membership!
    I stayed up late to get the armor!

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