More Club Penguin Memories Tracking Team Members!

Hi everyone, quick update. I have gone ahead and picked ten more Club Penguin Memories tracking team members. I received so many good submissions I was debating picking more than just another ten, but decided to stick with what I said. I’m really sorry if you did not get picked. Remember, there is always the future. Who knows how soon I’ll do a third recruiting round? Anyway, give a warm welcome to the ten new members! I have updated the staff page too.

In no particular order:

  • Blakefilms13
  • Azeemsky
  • Gutex
  • Happyblue128
  • Nelsonbob101
  • Eric703
  • Lenny Thai
  • Luigi755
  • Terminator37
  • Puppy Paws 3

Again, please do not be discouraged if I did not pick you! I had received about 50 submissions this time around so it was hard to pick only ten!

27 thoughts on “More Club Penguin Memories Tracking Team Members!

  1. I don’t know why you refuse to choose me, train. I’m very on this website. I would really love to help you out. I guess ill have to make some mushy application next time.

    • I didn’t want to have to refuse anyone, I really wanted to pick everyone. But it’s hard to pick only ten people when you receive over 40 fantastic applications. I really am sorry you and others were not picked by me.

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