INPUT WANTED: Should I Add Support For Mobile Format?

I FORGOT TO INCLUDE THIS ORIGINALLY: You WILL be able to go see the regular version of the site (how it currently looks) by hitting a button if you don’t want to.

Hi everyone, I’m looking for your opinion on something about Club Penguin Memories. Currently when you visit the website on a mobile device (iPod Touch, iPhone, Android phone, etc) it looks just like it does on the computer, like this:

As you’ve probably found out if you’ve visited on a mobile device, tapping things can be a pain. You can pinch to zoom, but it’s still difficult sometimes. It’s a bit easier on tablets, luckily. (iPad, Touchpad, etc)

Now here’s my question – should I keep it just like the desktop version for mobile devices as shown above, or should I install a nice WordPress plugin that makes it mobile formatted? This is what it would look like. Obviously the content would be different. This is my other website, Interest Buzz with it installed:

Now, there would be ads (as you can see in the right picture) to help support the site fees, since it’s not free to do everything I do! I obviously won’t plaster them all over, it’s just the infrequent at the top and maybe bottom of the post. So here’s the question – should I keep the website how it is on mobile (exactly the same as it looks when you visit on the computer) or make it better mobile formatted like on my Interest Buzz website, as shown above? Vote in the poll to help me decide. Whichever answer wins will help me determine on whether or not its in your best interests for me to implement this addition to the website or not. Thanks!

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7 thoughts on “INPUT WANTED: Should I Add Support For Mobile Format?

  1. I use my iPod all the time and I like having the desktop version all the time plz keep the desktop version for mobile devices

  2. I think it should automatically go onto the Mobile Site (since it has the most votes so far) and then there could be a button you can click, and then it will bring you to the original site. Then, everybody will be happy about the update! :)

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