Why I Don’t Believe This EPF Recon Team & Sports Shop Returning Stuff

Note: This is nothing but the author’s (Trainman1405) viewpoints and opinions. It does not necessarily mean what he says is true, he’s just sifting through the information and giving his take on it. Nothing of this is said with 100% certainty, for all I know this could indeed be real, as doubtful as Trainman is about this.

For the past month or two, there have been murmurs around the web on some Club Penguin websites, mainly the Club Penguin Wiki, about a whole upcoming thing related to the Elite Penguin Force, revolving an up and coming EPF Recon Team, the Sports Shop returning, and a whole bunch of other stuff as a result of it. I personally believe none of it, it just does not seem right. In this post I’m going to talk about all the information that has supposedly been said about it and say why I don’t believe in it. Remember, just because I say this stuff, it does not mean I am right! I am just voicing my personal opinions about it, as I stated in the disclaimer at the beginning of this post.

That image is what started it all, really. The Sports Shop is on the other site of the Ski Village, where it will supposedly be rebuilt. Why there? I don’t know. Why is it in Spanish? I don’t know. Where is this image from? Again, I don’t know – however it looks like it was taken from a PSA mission. It could also very easily be an edit, as the Club Penguin community has created very lifelike edits in the past If you look around the right side of the door and along the steps and stuff you’ll see white pixels, which leads me to believe it could have been copy/pasted right there in the image to make it look like the Sports Shop is really there. I’m not buying it. I will state that the Sports Shop is still listed in Club Penguin’s room file, however. That is it.

Adding on to this, a magazine supposedly said “The Sport Shop Rebuilt has been confirmed in a Canadian magazine as a party to rebuild the Sport Shop”. Hmm? Which magazine said this? Because no name was given, let alone pictures of this article were posted, it seems highly unlikely a magazine actually published information about this – let alone this early, when Club Penguin gives information about an upcoming thing in a magazine it’s published a month or two before it happens.

A user over on one of the Club Penguin Wikis also supposedly got an email from his uncle. This is what was supposedly received:

Hello! We’ve just finished up working on the brand new multiplayer game for Elite agents! This game includes multiplayer and co-op team battles and action packed levels. Guide your fellow Elite Penguin Force agents into the field and control vehicles such as dune buggys, helicoptors, and snow trekkers to save the island from robots. Handle new weapons such as lasers, snowball blasters, and more. This game will be done on a total 2D interface and will include boss battles, communicator, and all-new features.

-Navigate strange new territories on the island and command your team into the fight against Protobot.

-Earn medals and enhance your Elite Gear.

-Control vehicles such as helicopters, dune buggys, snow trekkers etc.

-Defeat the enemy robots and take out your weaponry for the fight.

The Elite Penguin Force Recon Team are a select group of special agents assigned by the Director himself, and briefed to perform special tasks crucial to the survival of the agency. In EPF Recon Team, it is your job to defend the island from Protobot. We are counting on you. Herbert may have escaped hibernation, but with your intelligence and strength, we can apprehend him once and for all!

This game will be released in August of 2012. I wanted to hear your opinion on this.

It just doesn’t seem like Club Penguin would be doing something like this, so I am not buying this information either. Also, Club Penguin employees are NOT supposed to give out information. Only people like Happy77 and Billybob do via Club Penguin YouTube Videos & blog posts. Also, Club Penguin definitely wouldn’t finish something up months in advance, up until its release date are they critiquing it. There would also most likely be something in Club Penguin’s files about this if it was indeed ready. There isn’t.

Perry, the one who received the supposed email from his uncle, said this:

 I received an email from my uncle that has exclusive information on a brand new mini game coming to Club Penguin in July 2011, which would coincide with the new EPF trading card game. Well, the game needed some more work, and has been confirmed for an August 2012 release. This is to coincide with the release of a MAJOR update for secret agents, including a Rebuild the Sport Shop Event. Here is the email I recieved from my uncle! I have permission to leak information.

Again, like with everything else, I just don’t believe it. How does he know there’s going to be a new EPF trading card game if his “uncle” not once mentioned that in the email? Fishy… He also claimed that there’s going to be a DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie) and said this:

Club Penguin The Movie: EPF Recon Team is an upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie based on Club Penguin. The movie has a release date of late Winter or early Spring 2013. The movie has been conformed in an email from Club Penguin. The movie will be made by Walt Disney Pictures, and will be premiering on the Disney Channel. The movie revolves around Agents Crash and Rex saving the island from Herbert and his robots, and a dark force threatening to destroy the island itself. We will be hearing Herbert, G, Dot, Rookie, and Jet Pack Guy’s voices for the first time.

I really don’t think there will be a DCOM on Disney Channel, as I really don’t think it would get a ton of viewer-ship compared to regular “real people” movies, such as one with someone such as Debby Ryan. (Like her recent Radio Rebel movie) I don’t watch Disney Channel that much, but do they even have animated Disney Channel Original Movies? I know they have a few animated TV shows… (such as Fish Hooks) The article about the movie was deleted off the Club Penguin Wiki.

Another thing – on the Club Penguin Wiki page it says “The Sports Shop will return in 2012 because of a sneak peek image and video.” Hmmm? What video? I’ve yet to see one.

Other websites have reported information such as “There will be a free item, the Recon Headset, during the construction event in late July 2012.” July 2012? But the stuff above says August 2012 for everything? This information just is not consistent.

There are also bits and pieces of other shady statements around the web that I won’t bother to mention, as I think by now you get the idea. I’m just not believing this. Maybe some of this information will come true, but for now I just think it’s only going to be Operation: Blackout. I guess we’ll find out if any of these claims are true within the next 5 to 6 months, eh?

44 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Believe This EPF Recon Team & Sports Shop Returning Stuff

  1. I find it very suspicious that last year on a CP forum I often viewed, a user posted the same info about “Recon Field’ saying it would come in July 2011..and it never happened. Not to mention the same user had a somewhat of a bad reputation.

    I doubt they’d bring the Sports Shop back anyways. Why would it even need to be rebuilt? The Ski Village would be pretty cluttered, not gonna lie.

    So yeah, that is just my two cents on these rumors. To be honest, they just seem like a wishlist if anything, on what this person wants to happen.

  2. I kind of believe you BUT first the ESPORTES in in FRENCH and then Disney HAS made movies like Phineas and Ferb Across the 2nd Dimension In Fabulous 2D. And then that second comment is WRONG, I don´t believe that´s the true Wiki, it has OTHER users! And i´m pretty SURE Club Penguin will NOT go on war and transform like a Snowy Call Of Duty 4!

    • Well who knows what will happen, and NO THATS NOT FRENCH ITS SPANISH. I know it cause i’m french. Maybe something like that is gonna happen, but I don’t beleive clubpenguin.wikia.com theres like ramdom party’s for 2012 that CP wouldnt do. And yeah why would Protobot be a mascot then?

  3. I never believed this trash at all. I’ve been wondering what video and no replies. I clearly saw that image as an edit and that made me think, “LIES”. And a DCOM? What the puffle? Club Penguin would’ve announced this probably a little time ago or there would be a teaser on the Web. So, in my opinion, this stuff is fake until confirmed.

  4. Hey trainman, a hour ago i met ph on a french server and she was not a bot because she went to the box dimension and he was in that server yeti ( french ) for 40 minutes ! :D that so awesome

  5. I believe all of it. I say IT MIGHT COME. All these clues don’t really make it fake. Club penguin maybe pasted it there, and they are gonna fix it. I just hope it comes, it would be fun. We’ll just have to wait. Also, maybe nobody wants to tell the video..

  6. It does seem a bit odd that his “uncle” would send him that. I truly don’t believe any of it. Seriously, Club Penguin going violent? How would you even be able to control a helicopter and a dune buggy on Club Penguin? It would make everything lag and they;d be too big for rooms. Plus how do you even see a penguin in one of those on Club Penguin? I believe it’s fake.

  7. Everything is possible. So is this and thats why I believe everything is going to happen, atleast Sport Shop rebuilding. I dont know. But like Train said, we will know in the next 5-6 months. Something to wait..

  8. About the club penguin movie, I saw on some news show on the internet where one kid asked Billybob (Or Lane) “Will you ever make a club penguin movie?” Surprisingly, Lane said (In a more simple version) “Well, I’m not aloud to tell that much information, but its a maybe. We are planning to make one.” So, there may be a movie coming up!

  9. Canadian magazine with Club Penguin info? Not that I’ve heard of! I usually get magazines with info related but really..? This is extremely false, I mean really, sure it could happen but Club Penguin is not like that. They don’t give out any sneak peeks that are not on the website or Youtube first ( excluding the Saraapril pic thing ) Anyways didn’t you guys read that Youtube comment that said:

    ” Club Penguin Wiki? It’s not official but I love to read what other penguins think what’s going to happen.” <– Something like that..

    In reply to:

    " WOW! Guys, thanks for making Club Penguin Wiki! I heard the EPF is releasing Herbert (blah blah)…" <– Something like that (It was before the Underwater Party)

    Yaup! This is false, I can be wrong…. wait until July– August!

  10. Whats next? Snow of duty 4? L.A CP? Grand theft penguin?
    Its fake. Also i know that guy perry,im on the cp wiki too. That guy wants to look famous,i bet his uncle works at some kind of pizza place.

  11. The email from the guy’s uncle sounds an awful lot like the CP DS game, Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force, doesn’t it? Also, I found that image in early 2011, which doesn’t seem right, because it’s been a year since it’s been out now… fishy. I totally agree with you, it’s just not going to happen. It may sometime in the future, but for the time being, we need to wait for PROOF!

  12. Hey, guess what I found out? It says : “The movie revolves around Agents Crash and Rex saving the island from Herbert and his robots, and a dark force threatening to destroy the island itself. We will be hearing Herbert, G, Dot, Rookie, and Jet Pack Guy’s voices for the first time.” Well first of all; We already heard Herberts voice on this Club Penguin short –> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QfBVC4l-bg So basically all of this info about a movie is kinda of mostly fake.

  13. me and my freind were talking about and i heard abotuj epf recon the new missons well i forgot about the misons but the last misson the new villane deafets the epf and they build the epf recon becuase the epf is gone so make sort shop then they have epf recon in stuff do missons but the truth is out i know who the director is it could be the jer pack guy and the director has a jetpack and with a brown puffle so maybe jet pack guy is the diretor aunt arctic they think its her juyst becuase she does news reporting thats it but the jet pack guy in epf recon hes the director i think becuase it shows the director with a jetppack but its still blackish andhe has a brown puffle i mean a brown puffle its the newest puffle get what im saying and kutzuey is actally with the epf recon but herbert is by him self but the villan and herbert teamed up once andwhen i went to cp staff for my birthday i heard the people who work there talking about it its crazy!!! sorry for typing long lol.

  14. Trainman as of oct 2’nd 2012 which you have heard that Billybob did relase a very similar EPF sneak peek and to be honest i think this sneak peek is for the recon team HOWEVER I DO NOT AGREE THAT THE SPORT SHOP IS GOING TO BE REBUILT TO! Now perhaps a new HQ added on to the Elite Phoning Facility for the recon team and the penguins do seem to have very advanced and diffrent clothing!

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