Could Server Jumping Finally Be On The Way?

Once in a blue moon I’ll have some more server jumping information, and today is that blue moon day. I’m not 100% sure how long this has been in Club Penguin’s files, but sometime recently in Club Penguin’s room file they enabled server jumping for some rooms. It was always used to be :jump_enabled”:false, but now for some rooms it says “jump_enabled”:true,”jump_disabled”:false, as you can see below:

What do you think? Is the mysterious server jumping finally on its way to be released soon? Remember, you can check out this post of mine from December for much more information on this.

Special thanks to Azeemsky for the tip.

11 thoughts on “Could Server Jumping Finally Be On The Way?

  1. Yeah, I can’t login to CP either at the moment, so I’m dead bored. I have another secret on Club Penguin that hardly anybody knows, how to say G2G as in gtg, as most penguins say. I’ll tell ya that trick when I can login to cp again to make sure it works.

  2. And I defintly think server hopping will start in the next two months, but don’t get ya hopes up becauase for the first week it’ll have a ton of bugs!

  3. Can everyone check CP files (or are you just special LOL) because SOME PERSON copied this post and used it as there own… by the way THAT PERSON (it’s not me xD) uses a lot of your posts but gives you credit, not for this one though. I wonder why LOL. Reply xD ILL RAT HIM OUT GOOD xD ..or will I?~

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