WANTED: Your Questions For Trainman1405 In Real Life!

Author’s note: Today I’m starting a several post series in which you can find out a little bit more about me, and I answer your questions.

Hi! Trainman1405 here yet again with another post! Have you ever wondered more about me and my personal life, as well as what else I do online? I’m sure at some point you have, no matter how big or small the question is. In an effort to help you all know “who exactly is Trainman1405?” I’m going to make roughly five posts over the next few weeks in which I answer questions, post stuff about what I do in real life, etc. Because of this, I need your questions! Here’s a full outline on what I plan to do after this post:

  • Answer round 1 of questions
  • Post about real life hobbies
  • Another real life post
  • Collect round 2 of questions
  • Answer round 2 of questions

From then on, I do not know if I will do any more posts. If I do, they’ll probably rather infrequent. Now, what I need for now is ¬†questions from you. Big or small, and as many as you want. If you could ask me anything, what would you ask? Comment below with anything¬†you want to know about me, and I’ll answer it.*

*As long as it’s nothing too personal or inappropriate. I will also not post a picture of what I look like.

I’m going to take questions for the next week, then I will answer them all in a post. I will include every question as long as it doesn’t break any of the few rules about questions I listed above. I will also include who asked what questions.

Now get commenting, and be creative with your questions! I do already have a little bit of information about me on this page. :)

39 thoughts on “WANTED: Your Questions For Trainman1405 In Real Life!

  1. Funny, you have birthday one day before than mine :D

    But my question is umm.. what kind of games you play on PC? Or xbox or ps3, wii? And do you like FPS-games, do you play Battlefield 3 :DD

  2. how old r u?
    what country/state do u live in?
    are u african, british, indian, etc?
    mac or pc?
    ios or android?
    xbox or ps3?

  3. Thanks for all the questions so far everyone. I’ve already typed up the responses for these to post next week. Keep the questions coming! :D

  4. Do you have any games? such as, super mario galaxy, super mario galaxy 2, super smash bros brawl, call of duty black ops, mario kart, just to let you know I only own one of those games, super smash bros brawl. I maid my comment to big didn’t I?

  5. Do you love fruits? How many words had you used for EVERY post and page? Do you think CP blogging could be a chore? Do you have a time to quit CP? What is you least favourite sport? What is the worst computer game you ever played? How many computer’s do you have? Do you think Billybob will ever get to meet you in real life and say face to face that your blog is amazing? When did you started twitter? How heavy are you (pounds)? Don’t you think that soccer is a amazing sport? Do you like your school? What is the best or worst thing about CP blogging? I have WAY more questions but here’s some. PS: Most of these were random questions.

  6. How often you are on computer and how long you spend each day time with your lovely computer? And how about weekends? ;)

  7. If you got to create a special party on club penguin what would if be ? If you got to add or take away any features on club penguin what would they be ? PS. You rock

  8. Besides Club Penguin, are there any other online games you play? If so, what are they?

    Do you like any sports (which, if so)? (Which is your favorite?)

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