Club Penguin Blog: Puffle Handler Sneak Peek

Author’s note: Tomorrow (Wednesday) I’ll be posting my theories on what to expect at the 2012 Puffle Party. Stay tuned for that!

With the Puffle Party being released in just over a day from now, Happy77 has published some information and a sneak peek image related to the Puffle Handler. First off, here is Happy77 and PH in one of the special party rooms:

You might recall first hearing about PH when she appeared in the Nintendo DS Elite Penguin Force game. She was the one who trained the Elite Puffles.

Here’s the facts she gave us about PH:

  • She changed her penguin color after discovering the first brown puffle in the wilderness!
  • She helped redesign the Pet Shop to make it more exciting for puffles!
  • Favourite Item: Puffle Whistle
  • Favourite Food: O’berries
  • Favourite Game: Puffle Paddle

The following page has been updated:

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