Club Penguin Blog Featured Igloos: March 20th

Happy77 has posted some more igloos on Club Penguin’s Blog!

Bryna1 said:

Hi, you HAVE to check out my friend Gogleyfart2’s igloo it is FULL of puffle stuff! PLEASE CHECK OUT HIS IGLOO!

Sycho1 said: 

Hi!!! My friend Hman104 has a great igloo. It’s always so different!!
! Right now part of it is puffle themed and part of it is outdoor themed!!! It is AWESOME!!! Waddle on CP!!!

Zuzuzu160 said:

Hey I think that Zukky2’s igloo is awesome! She has tubes and a tree made out of puffle lanterns! It’s just so amazing about where she gets all those coins!

Just like usual, three more igloos will be featured in the near future.

The following page has been updated:

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