Club Penguin March 2012 Furniture Catalogue Items

Club Penguin may have released February 2012 Furniture Catalogue but that doesn’t mean they aren’t planning ahead! Just like usual they have updated their furniture items file listing what new items to expect next month. There is a total of nine new ones, mainly related to Puffles and casual furnishings.

Floor Items:

  • Fuzzy Green Couch for 500 coins
  • Puffle Tubes for 100 coins
  • Fuzzy Blue Couch for 500 coins
  • Fuzzy Purple Couch for 500 coins

Floor Items: (rugs)

  • Puffle Rug for 200 coins

Wall Items:

  • Happy Lantern for 175 coins
  • Laughing Lantern for 175 coins
  • Grumpy Lantern for 175 coins
  • Cheeky Lantern for 175 coins

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