Club Penguin Field Ops #67 Cheats

The 67th field ops mission has been released on Club Penguin, for the 2nd of February. This is the fifth field ops mission for 2012. To start this week’s field ops mission go to the Elite Penguin Force Command Room. Then waddle over to the notice area like usual to get the mission’s orders.

His orders are:

Herbert has escaped his hibernation cell. We must begin a new investigation to find out what happened. Start with the security footage. The feed was badly damaged. Go to the main screen and see if you can fix it.

Stay in the EPF Room and go to the middle of the TV screen.

Once you’re there your spy phone will start to ring. Click on it. Complete the Field Ops mission by repairing the system. This is done by guiding the bot with instructions.

When you finish it, you’ll get a message from Gary.

It reads:

Good work Agent! You fixed the security feed for Herbert’s hibernation cell. That’s odd… the computer says the footage is missing. It seems that when the island tipped, the camera was shut off. Keep this a secret for now. I’ll have more orders soon.

If you are still confused, here is a video on how to complete the field ops mission:

Check back next time for Club Penguin Field Ops 68 Cheats!

6 thoughts on “Club Penguin Field Ops #67 Cheats

  1. look i found these items!20 new head items for members:

    The Strawberry for 250 coins
    The Blueberry for 250 coins
    The Watermelon for 250 coins
    The Blackberry for 250 coins
    The Lime for 250 coins
    The Banana for 250 coins
    The Grape for 250 coins
    The Coconut for 250 coins
    The Orange for 250 coins
    The Pear for 250 coins
    The Red Licorice for 250 coins
    The Frosting for 250 coins
    The Bubblegum for 250 coins
    The Black Licorice for 250 coins
    The Peppermint for 250 coins
    The Honeycomb for 250 coins
    The Sprinkles for 250 coins
    The Whipped Cream for 250 coins
    The Gummy for 250 coins
    The Chocolate for 250 coins
    2 new head items for everyone:

    The Tunage for 400 coins
    The Auburn for 400 coins
    6 new face items for members:

    Pink Facepaint for 15 coins
    Black Facepaint for 15 coins
    Purple Facepaint for 15 coins
    White Facepaint for 15 coins
    Orange acepaint for 15 coins
    Brown Facepaint for 15 coins
    14 new neck items for members:

    Green Cape for 200 coins
    Yellow Cape for 200 coins
    Purple Cape for 200 coins
    White Cape for 200 coins
    Orange Cape for 200 coins
    Brown Cape for 200 coins
    Red Feather Boa for 200 coins
    Blue Feather Boa for 200 coins
    Pink Feather Boa for 200 coins
    Black Feather Boa for 200 coins
    Green Feather Boa for 200 coins
    Yellow Feather Boa for 200 coins
    Purple Feather Boa for 200 coins
    Brown Feather Boa for 200 coins
    2 new neck items for everyone:

    Green Zebra Scarf for 150 coins
    Purple Beaded Necklace for 150 coins
    6 new hand items for members:

    Pink Pompoms for 120 coins
    Black Pompoms for 120 coins
    Green Pompoms for 120 coins
    Yellow Pompoms for 120 coins
    Purple Pompoms for 120 coins
    Brown Pompoms for 120 coins
    6 new foot items for members:

    Red Checkered Shoes for 300 coins
    Blue Checkered Shoes for 300 coins
    Yellow Checkered Shoes for 300 coins
    Purple Checkered Shoes for 300 coins
    White Checkered Shoes for 300 coins
    Brown Checkered Shoes for 300 coins
    2 new foot items for everyone:

    Green High Tops for 250 coins
    Purple Sandals for 160 coins
    1 new background item for everyone:

    Rainy Day for 60 coins
    2 new body items for everyone:

    White Electro Shirt for 250 coins
    Purple Polka-dot Dress for 350 coins

  2. Cool i think next months style catalog will have these items in the create your own item page! These sound nice.. especially the boas and shoes

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