Club Penguin Blog Featured Igloos: February 20th

By / February 20, 2012

Three more igloos has been featured by Happy77 on the Club Penguin Blog! Just like usual you can also comment with names of penguins with neat igloos and three more will be picked and posted sometime soon. Here’s the ones for this time around:

Rocky3818 said:

“I LOVE my friend’s igloo Iceboy3818 igloo! Its SO cool! It is Rockhopper Island, complete with a cream soda sea, The Migrator, a bunch of beautiful Palm Trees, Treasure EVERYWHERE, a “Mermaid Cove”, and the best ROCKHOPPER! Oh I almost forgot, it even has special island music playing! You guys should really check it out! Waddle On!”

Bricko3 said:

“Hey Happy77! Check out Dsi Lover’s Igloo! It’s a really “sweet” because it’s made of CANDY!!!! There’s even Gumdrop Trees and Jujubes!”

Fennec24 said:

“I love my friend Icy0248 igloo. IT’S COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY AWESOME!!! He changes it every time there’s an update to look like what the update’s about, but now he has a snow jitsu dojo and garden. It’s seriously cool!! PLEASE CHECK IT OUT AND CONSIDER UPLOADING IT!!”

Very nice! Which one do you like the most?

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AshlE Smilez

AshlE Smilez

WOAH! The third one is AWESOME!