Official Club Penguin Magazine Coming To The UK February 9th

A little known fact is that in addition to Club Penguin’s YouTube Channel, they also have a United Kingdom one and a German one. While it’s usually just repeat uploads that are translated as needed, a new one was uploaded to their UK channel that I think will remain exclusive to that channel.

Anyway, the video is by Scott, a Club Penguin Employee. He quickly mentions some merchandise coming to the UK, including books, (and stickers!) Top Trumps, and…an official Club Penguin Magazine! You can find out all about it here:

6 thoughts on “Official Club Penguin Magazine Coming To The UK February 9th

  1. I didn’t knew there was a German CP YouTube channel (I knew there was one for UK already). I always learn something new in this blog xD

    And Youngprince, I think that the original place for Club penguin would be Canada, since there are the main offices and there was created. Correct me if I’m wrong =P

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