Club Penguin’s New Flash Crash Notification

Normally when Adobe Flash crashes in your web browser, you’ll just get a notification from the browser (in my case Google Chrome) telling you that Adobe Flash crashed. Earlier today while using my web browser of choice, Google Chrome, to play Club Penguin, it froze and Flash crashed and I noticed a new update – Club Penguin now gives you their own notification that Flash crashed. Take a look at the message:

It reads:

Whoops! The Flash plugin has crashed. Please log in again.

Clicking OK refreshes the page and lets you log back in again. I do realize this is a small update but I felt that is was something worth pointing out.

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    • Nah, I actually use Windows. :P My friend (Tech163) uses a Mac so he gave me his picture to use since it’s a lot more sleek & cleaner looking than my full screen one.

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