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Billybob has been nice enough to give us a sneak peek and information regarding Club Penguin’s new magazine, due next month! Here’s what he said to us:

I am happy to announce that we are launching our first issue of the Club Penguin Magazine in the UK! The first issue hits newsstands in February and I think you will love.

The magazine is filled with activities, puzzles, jokes and cartoons. If you’ve ever wondered how my igloo is, you’ll find the answer there.

Here’s a glimpse:

This magazine is full of these extras … Each issue comes with a free seven day membership, a code to unlock items from the treasure book, and even an online exclusive item!

That sounds interesting! The item is probably the Club Shirt (UK Redemption Shirt) I posted about not too long ago.

Related, Club Penguin has also created a page for their magazine on Disney’s United Kingdom website. (Thanks, Pen50gi!)

The following page has been updated:

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    • I’ll see what I can do. I might not post it though since technically you have to purchase the magazine for it…I’m sure other blogs will post it though.

  1. Hey Trainman! I live in the UK!! Would you like me to snap you a photo of the insides of the magazines for an exclusive?

  2. Right, I will snap some photos today but…. How do I send them to you?
    Shall I post it on my site and watermark it for you??
    [Probably not PROPER watermark but yeah, you get the point.]

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