Club Penguin Blog: January 25th Behind The Scenes

Billybob has made a quick new post on the Club Penguin Blog. He let us know that the Club Penguin Team has been hard at work with some behind the scenes changes to the game.

  • Faster loading: One of the things we’ve heard is that you want to log on to Club Penguin faster. We’re listening, and have been working on a bunch of improvements… everything from room and game speed to server upgrades. (Much needed in my opinion. If you watch this video from January 2007 you’ll see it is a lot faster than it is now)
  • Blue screen bug: Some of you were getting disconnected while seeing a blue loading screen. Guess what? The team squashed this pesky bug!! Thanks for being so patient. (yay! one less inconvenience)
  • Small screen trick: Did you figure out this trick yet? Now you can switch between Small Screen and Big Screen without logging off! (Fun fact: this was added in the first week of January)

He also said they are making some other improvements – hopefully they fix these 75+ bugs!

The following page has been updated:

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  1. Does the party launch later tonight or tomorrow morning? In the past I’ve seen things launcing early Wednesday night, and I’m not sure about this time..

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