Club Penguin Blog: January 2012!

Today Happy77 has given us a three picture sneak peek on the Club Penguin Blog. Here’s the teaser image:

She then included the following information:

  • New clothing items: The new Penguin Style catalog will be at the Gift Shop this Thursday!
  • New Party: The team’s almost finished another brand new party! Lots of you have been asking for one like this, and I think you’re going to love it…
  • The Twelfth Fish at the Stage: It’s back… for the first time since 2008!
  • Famous penguin visiting…¬†Who do you think will be here this month?
  • and more….

Here’s what I personally think the three pictures are. I think the ?????? is Sensei. Maybe Card-Jitsu Snow or something ninja related is happening this month instead of the rumored May? I only think that because back in 2008 before we actually knew who Sensei was, when you clicked on him at the Dojo his playercard said ??????.

The second picture is probably items we’ll see in the January 2012 Penguin Style Catalog. The third and final image is of the Underwater Party.

The following page has been updated:

12 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog: January 2012!

  1. I personally think the Player Card titles “?????” Is a new Penguin, just as Sensei was not seen until the Dig out the Dojo, This new Penguin may be the same.

    It could possibly be PH? (As there was a question once posted asking what PH’s name should be)

  2. remember the great snow race when klutsy escaped i think that klutsy did something and made clud penguin sideways and parts underwater.i think thats y the underwater party is coming

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