Club Penguin 3 Month Memberships Making A Return

If you played Club Penguin back in the Summer of 2009, you might recall this login screen. Back then Club Penguin ran a limited time offer with three month memberships. Usually they only offered monthly, six months, or twelve months. The 3 month memberships cost $14.95.

After July 15, 2009, that was the last we heard about it – until now. Based upon a listing on Target’s website, it appears they’re making a comeback. The price is $5 more than it was in 2009 as per the membership price increase last year. If you were to get a 3 month membership instead of 3 one month memberships you’d be saving about $4. Here’s the membership card Target shows:

I wonder what chose them to bring it back? For all I know it could be limited again, although I doubt it.

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