Snow On Club Penguin’s Card-Jitsu Page

Within the last month or so, Club Penguin’s Card-Jitsu Page has been given an update – little bits of snow fall in the background! Could this be a sign that Card-Jitsu Snow will be here sooner than we thought with the delays?

Either way, this is very exciting. Also, that’s not a shadow ninja in the bottom right corner of the image – it’s just a penguin in the regular ninja costume faded away. Special thanks to Pen50gi¬†for telling me about the snow.

14 thoughts on “Snow On Club Penguin’s Card-Jitsu Page

  1. Cool find! Sounds like a hint. ;)

    Also, I’m not sure if this is true or not, but I heard a rumor that if you buy the new Sensei plush from Series 15, you’ll unlock the Shadow Ninja suit. I’m currently looking for the toy to prove if this is true.

  2. Thanks Jetpack Guy0 I do like to help Skater when he’s busy, the new What Happens When You Mix Coffee and Card-Jitsu? just thought to click the link to the Card Jitsu on the video page and happened to see the possible snow.

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