Minor Updates – Postcard Catalog Updates, Herbert, & More!

There’s been several minor updates today, including new cards in the postcard catalog, updated login screens, and a new stamp.

Starting with the postcard catalog, the first page of featured postcards has 6 new returned cards you can send to your buddies.

Feel free to send all your buddies one! It has a free Springy Santa Hat.

The Holiday Party login screen has been updated. It has a box slightly opened telling you to start opening your 12 gifts!

The Coins For Change one has been updated too, featuring many penguins. (and Rockhopper and Aunt Arctic)

The Epic Volunteer Stamp has been released.To unlock it simply donate 10,000 coins.

There’s also a Santa Hat on Herbert! Is that Klutzy? Hmm…

The following page has been updated:

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