How To Get The Advent Items Early Cheat

On the day the Holiday Party was released, I tried changing my computer’s date to see if I could get all of the items early. However, it didn’t work for me, yet ┬áit worked for others. I was rather confused. However, I found out what I was doing wrong. If you’re interested in getting all the items ahead of time, then keep on reading.

I did it by first logging onto Club Penguin – do NOT change your computer’s clock date yet. I then went to the Forest, then changed the date on my computer to December 25th – make sure the time is past midnight PST. I then went to the Snow Forts to verify I did it correctly. If the day on the clock tower says it’s Sunday, you did it right. If not, you need to try again. If it’s not Sunday (or a day that isn’t the day it really is in real life) it’s not right. If it’s the day you changed it, to, it worked correctly. Simply go back to the Forest and then get the items. Just be sure to change your computer date back afterwards!

December 20th:

December 21st:

December 22nd:

December 23rd:

December 24th:

December 25th:

31 thoughts on “How To Get The Advent Items Early Cheat

  1. darn! my stupid school computer won’t even let me change the time and date!! my family computer ran out of memory last night so i cant get it on there either.
    I guess ill have to wait.

  2. I was wondering when anyone was going to figure this out. I always try this when Club Penguin has items released on certain dates. It’s always fun to have items first lol.

  3. I HATE our school computers, because that you can’t even switch back to the REAL WINDOWS XP look! They can either change to the real XP look or upgrade to Windows 7 or wait for Windows 8! >:(

  4. actually i dont think its cheating its a glitch in club penguins system but im still conserned trainman before i do this to get them i wanna know will this get you band?

  5. WELL it didnt work for you cuz dont set it to chirstmas do december 31 and dont do it in the forest do it in a other place

  6. I highly doubt anyone will get BANNED for this. its not cheating, really. CHEATING is CP Storm, or hacking someone’s account. AND EVERYONE, BAND ISN’T A VERB. BANNED, HOWEVER, IS.

  7. Dear trainman,

    Do you know the box item in april fools?

    because i saw one penguin with something like that- but its a present box if you know how to get it could you tell me?


    please reply

  8. if you wanted to get the items in advance, why don’t you just use a trainer?its the same since they will never know you used a trainer…club penguin will just think that you acquired them in a legit

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