Club Penguin Memories 12 Days Of Contests: Day 2

Welcome to day two of my contest! Before I begin I wanted to post the correct answers to yesterday’s task. The right answers (in bold) are:

  1. What were the original two “team” colors on Club Penguin? Red & Blue
  2. Name two of the five original Club Penguin creators (been there since the beginning) Lane Merrifield (Billybob) Lance Priebe (Rsnail) Rachel Laird (Happy77) Chris Hendricks (Screenhog) and Dane Krysko (Gizmo)
  3. True or false: Club Penguin’s first stage play was Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal False – it was Space Adventure. Squidzoid was their third one.
  4. True or false: Club Penguin was first launched in November 2005 False – Beta started around August 2005 and it launched publicly on October 24, 2005
  5. True or false: Rockhopper was first meetable in December 2006 TRUE – He visited in October 2006 but did not waddle around the island until his second visit
  6. What detail was removed from the Ice Rink? Hint: It contained numbers Scoreboard
  7. Name three items Club Penguin’s first treasure book contained  See this list for any accepted answers
  8. What year did Club Penguin switch to the current newspaper design? 2010
  9. Where was the Tour Guide booth originally located before it was at the Ski Village? Plaza
  10. Why was the PSA destroyed? Herbert – He blew it up with popcorn

If you got it wrong, don’t worry. You still have 11 more chances! At the end of the giveaway I will announce the winner which I’ve already randomly picked.

Now for day two – I thought I’d keep it simple. All you need to do is leave a comment. You can say whatever you want. It doesn’t matter the length or what you say. There’s no trick. Just leave a comment. The winner will receive a coin code that unlocks three items from the treasure book!

Remember to include your real email address when submitting the comment!

Two other things I wanted to address – you guys voted, and the answer is in: I will allow you to win multiple times! The second thing is cheating – please don’t submit multiple comments under different screenames!

58 thoughts on “Club Penguin Memories 12 Days Of Contests: Day 2

  1. Enjoy the holiday party! Did you notice that if you dance with the apron from the bakery your penguin will do the “Server Jump” animation and then disappear until you will move?

  2. Yay! I love this contest Trainman! Also, Rockhopper did waddle in October 2006. I remember on my old old OLD account I met him in October, JUST before the Anniversary Party and got a FREE Eyepatch. He gave out the background in December thugh.

    • You’re mistaken – the eyepatch was in the October 2006 catalog, then he gave it out for a few visits. His background didn’t exist until Spring 2007.

  3. Eu estou adorando a Festa de Natal, e claro o Coins For Change, apesar da festa estar cheia de bugs, tem muitas coisas boas, afinal é natal, vejo que muitos pinguins já estão se divertindo, e o concurso de codigos aqui, via fazer deste natal o melhor de todos!

    Use translator Portuguese por English ;-;

  4. I commented now what and trainman you are the best. Can you please tell me when will the winner of day 1 will be anounced i didn’t get it please explain it to me.

  5. Name two of the five original Club Penguin creators (been there since the beginning) Lane Merrifield (Billyb0b) Lance Priebe (Rsnail) Rachel Laird (Happy77) Chris Hendricks (Screenhog) and Dane Krysko (Gizmo)
    Answer – Rsnail, BIllybob

  6. Great contest so far! I’m also liking the Holiday Party.

    P.S. Did you notice they decorated the Command Room? Herbert now has a santa hat on in the camera.

  7. Hey! This one’s nice and easy hehe! I had no idea for most of Day 1s! Great going so far and can’t wait for more!

    Email: [removed]

  8. I can say anything?
    Well, I will start reminding you that you need a new background for your blog xD
    Anyway, I really like your blog, honestly is the only one that I actually read and visit daily, you really amaze me how fast you post. I have always wished you to follow me (on twitter), by the way once you did follow me but I went inactive for like 1 month and you unfollowed me for that reason I think.
    Well, I don’t really know what else to say,
    Just keep on dude!

  9. Happy Holidays, everybody! Wish everyone a happy Christmas and the best New Year. Hope everyone donates money for the coins for change. I have donated evenly for each one 40,000-50,000. Good luck to everyone! :) Hope everyone donates at lease something to beat last years club penguin goal. Hope everyone has a good time at the Party.
    Thank you CP Memories for organizing this awesome event.
    Waddle on everyone, Cp Memories and Cp!

  10. woooo hooooooo Icomented on the post I WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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