Club Penguin Blog: Rockhopper In New York City!

Late yesterday Billybob made a post on the Club Penguin Blog letting us know that this Friday, December 2nd, Rockhopper (as well as Billybob himself) will be in New York City in Times Square!

While he did not say they reached their goal of 100,000 submissions, he did say they reached thousands and thousands. Are you going to New York for the event? Billybob mentioned that if you do, be sure to bring a coat to donate! Also, the first 300 people to donate a coat will get a Club Penguin plush toy – who knows, maybe you’ll get a Green Viking Helmet code too? I will be recording the television broadcast (hopefully in HD quality) and uploading it to YouTube or elsewhere. That way if you’re in school or are unable to record it yourself, you’ll be able to view it!

The following page has been updated:

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    • Yeah, Brookelas told me about the items – it looks like Club Penguin removed them from their files. I know the CP Wiki lists them, but I’m going to wait until they’re in Club Penguin’s files again. The same had happened with the November 2011 Clothing Catalog Items, CP put them in their files then removed them before I could list them so I had to wait a week until Club Penguin readded them to their files. :P

  1. hey train! a few things.
    1. i found away i can ALWAYS get on cp on my school computer! water ninja is so much faster!!!

    2. i thought there was a new pin cataloge etc out now. why isnt it?

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