Freebie Alert: Puffle Launch for iOS

Puffle Launch, Club Penguin’s first mobile app for iOS and Android, has been giving a temporary price cut. Instead of paying $.99 for it (price varies by country) it is free. This sale will most likely only last a day or two, so I recommend you download this app while it’s free. To do so, all you need is a computer with iTunes installed and an iTunes Account. Even if you don’t have an iOS Device (iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad) but plan on purchasing one in the future (or getting one for the holidays) go ahead and get it now! You’re saving a dollar. It might not seem like much, but not everybody is willing to pay money for apps.

This app is still $0.99 on Android. Here’s another little something: Puffle Launch comes in all the languages the game supports. (English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French) Do you think the app will be updated anytime soon with a German localization? If you would like to see some gameplay and read a review of this app, click here. To download Puffle Launch from iTunes, click here or search it on the app store.

8 thoughts on “Freebie Alert: Puffle Launch for iOS

    • I know. I use membership cards for my membership, so every month I have to put in a new code. I’m just saving the membership code until Club Penguin updates again.

  1. Do you guys know that in the newspaper Sensei said that many amulets could form a storm? So I think the amulet is going to make the storm fo next year’s Halloween party which means cjs might come soon :D

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