Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Party 2011 Sneak Peek

Billybob has published a new post on Club Penguin’s Official Blog! This time around it’s a sneak peek of the Card-Jitsu Party. This is the first time the whole island will be decorated in a ninja fashion, so it’ll be a huge celebration! Here are a few things to note from his post:

  • The Club Penguin Team is hard at work to create Card-Jitsu Snow, but it isn’t ready yet and most likely won’t be for a while. (Because of that they’re having the party, which I think is great!)
  • Many new decorations, stamps, and temporary new rooms will be at the party.
  • Nonmembers will be able to play Card-Jitsu Fire and Card-Jitsu Water during the party
  • Billybob also said there will be a big surprise for┬áthose who “are able to earn their Fire Suit or Water Suit”.

This is the sneak peek image he gave us:

The following page has been updated:

18 thoughts on “Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Party 2011 Sneak Peek

  1. is that the plaza?

    the “ombres anciennes” sign reads “old shadows” in french.
    if thats the plaza, the new play will be called “old shadows”.

  2. So they split the island in half between the snow forts… That’s gonna be the great battle grounds! And what we get after we win the games is probably the ninja headbands

  3. oh no..what if i already got 2 elements?i wish i will get the surprise too..and also, what are the other stamps?i already got all ten for both water and fire..and if snow is not coming, when will it come? :(

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