Disney Channel Get Connected: Club Penguin Halloween Party 2011 & Puffle Hats!

A new video has been uploaded to Club Penguin’s Youtube Channel! It’s the commercial currently airing on Disney Channel. It has lots of information. I suggest you check it out! It’s also where the pumpkin1 code is from. You can check out this post for more information.

If you’re interested, here is a list of nearly all the Club Penguin staff member penguins showcased in the video.

  • Banquisee
  • Bada0nt
  • Your Penguin
  • Bala De Gomo
  • Amarelinho55
  • Pingolo Fr
  • Pataplouff
  • 1brazuca1
  • Frileuse
  • Dubbl Bubbl
  • Perlerare
  • Badab0om
  • Gigglebunnie
  • Hockeyb01
  • Flocon Min
  • Pinkyunicorn
  • Rondinet
  • Berinjelapin
  • Owly Owl
  • Chuchu Br
  • Happy77
  • Billybob
  • 1brazuda
  • Businesmoose
  • Po1aire
  • Piocon Min

3 thoughts on “Disney Channel Get Connected: Club Penguin Halloween Party 2011 & Puffle Hats!

  1. OCTOBER 20???? THATS FREAKING EARLY!! And more candy ghosts. Popped up again… Also did you notice that the scavenger hunt button was replaced with a book? Plus they gave away like 5 Rooms? It’s all BRAND NEW decorations for the first time!! If the Party starts next week doesn’t that mean boxes are up and all with the Puffle update and Furniture and Igloo catalog… What about the Play, did it start today or next week?? Hmm this videos make me crazy when they show all the upcoming things, so excited the party starts in ONE WEEK! HOORAY!

  2. So, it looks like the Monster Catcher HQ isn’t a party room after all, but just some stand thrown into the Cove…eh, oh well.

    Well, it is early, but hey, at least we won’t have to wait 2 weeks now!

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