Club Penguin Blog: Developer Update & Music Video

Happy77 has posted a brand new video on the Club Penguin Blog! In it she gave a few quick updates:

  • The new furniture & igloo catalogs will be out soon
  • The team is working on fixing the orange penguin bug
  • The Beta Team will have new things this weekend!

Finally, she posted a music video for the Penguin Band’s song “Better Days”! You can watch it below:

Many familiar penguins are in it, such as Loki Terry, Monchocho, Matthew722, and Slidoo. I sadly have not yet Happy77 on Club Penguin yet, as I was busy when she was on!

Also, did anybody else notice the undercover moderator Businesmoose in the Coffee Shop? Reminds me of this post of mine.

The following page has been updated:

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