More Club Penguin Halloween Party 2011 Exclusives

Remember how the other day I posted some item exclusives for October, November, and December 2011 on Club Penguin? I was notified by Spookster that Club Penguin added more items. A quick glance at Club Penguin’s files verified that yes, a few more items have been added. I am going to guess that these are for the Monster Catalog. The new items are:

  • Werewolf Mask
  • Werewolf Costume
  • Werewolf Feet
  • Purple Spider Costume
  • Orange Frankenfeet
  • Green Dragon Feet
  • Raven Wings

The cost and artwork of these items are currently unknown.

13 thoughts on “More Club Penguin Halloween Party 2011 Exclusives

  1. Thanks for posting this! :)

    I hope you could add me once Club Penguin adds the “Unlimited Buddy System”, it would be very kind!

    – Spookster

  2. Dear Trainmaan1405,
    I know your a epic coder but your missing something and it is…you need to desigh your igloo like 100x then 50x and you should come to my place it has like 999 furniture.You should come please!

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