Club Penguin October, November, December 2011 Upcoming Items Exclusives

Over the past month I’ve posted numerous upcoming item exclusives. Some of them include:

You get the point. All the time I have exclusive items to post, and I’m back again with more unreleased items thanks to Club Penguin sneaking bits and pieces into game files. This post will be a mixture of clothing items that will probably be released throughout the next few months – October, November, and December 2011 most likely. Some of them might sprinkle over to 2012, I don’t know. I do not have any other upcoming furniture items to post at this time. Judging by some of the item names it looks like Rockhopper will be visiting again in December 2011. Ones with two asterisks (**) are for everybody, not just members. Please note Club Penguin can easily change the items from nonmembers to members or vice versa.

Head Items:

Armored Viking Helmet
Glowing Pumpkin Head**
The Nocturnal**
Freaky Tiki Headdress
Nutcracker Hat
Zebra Tails

Body Items:

Classy Vampire Outfit
Scarlet Admiral Coat**
Elephant Costume
Freaky Tiki Outfit
Jolly Roger Dress
Nutcracker Outfit
Present Outfit
Viking Captain Tunic
Holiday Lights
Swamp Monster

Hand Items:

Freaky Tiki Staff
Monster Muzak/On The Edge**
Striped Pompoms

Neck Items:

Viking Beard

Face Items:

Grim Glasses


Candy Ghost

12 thoughts on “Club Penguin October, November, December 2011 Upcoming Items Exclusives

  1. Hmm, it seems quite weird. CP is now only releasing Head Items, Pins and BG’s to Non Members…but from the looks of that, they are also releasing other types? Cool…considering the fact the last “Non-Member” Shirt was the Gold Commander Coat at the 2011 Adventure Party (Worked with RED crab costume even with non-members!) and the last feet item for Non-Members was the Geta Sandals. I hope CP realizes that they’ll lose more players with the same BG’s, pins and Hats…like, last year during the Water hunt, I saw someone at the Dojo Courtyard that said, “IT’S A BACKGROUND? WHAT A RIP OFF!” They DO need to stop with the pins, backgrounds and hats. Can’t you just, for once, give Non-Members a taste of the member life, or at least give them clothes? Some penguins don’t even have the video games, the toys, or anything, so they are stuck with stupid hats, and backgrounds…and pins. How would the moderators like it if they had to only have their penguin wear that?
    Club Penguin can EARN more players by giving away the good items to even non-members. Some days I think it would be more fun to be a non-member because I have alot of unlocked..but I look at penguins that are poor and think, “CP you are just MEAN!”

    • I agree. Even so, I like going on my nonmember account just so I can see hoy many items I’ve unlocked. And in my perspective, I think there should be a page in The penguin style that nonmembers can buy clothes from

  2. Viking wear, pirate wear…the only reasonable month for that is November…but what party is it? Or is it January 2012? Probably, because November is usually just parties like, “Celebration of Fire” or “Celebration of Water”…I hope they do Card-Jitsu Snow…because Shadow would not make any sense in order of elements…

  3. For those of you who do not know, a “muzak” is a form of piped music. So the “Monster Muzak” will probably be some instrument.

  4. THE ARMORED VIKING HELMET WILL BE IN THE SERIES 14 TREASURE BOOK:The Armored Viking Helmet is an unreleased head item in Club Penguin. All players can unlock it in the Series 14 Treasure Book. Dont believe me check-

  5. if you want to be a member, why don’t you just get your dad’s credit card and use it?i mean you don’t need to get frustrated about not being a member anymore…lol and don’t whine if you are not a member. it’s your fault for not being able to do anything about it. >:)

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