Club Penguin Updates Mobile Website With Puffle Launch

If you visit Club Penguin on a mobile device, you won’t get far – it simply says visit their website on a computer to see more. With all the Puffle Launch hype, I checked out their mobile website to see if they updated it, and they did! Here it is:

Cool! Nothing too major but I thought I’d share it. :)

Update:┬áHere’s how it looks on an iPad:

(Thanks for the iPad picture, Pen50gi!)

7 thoughts on “Club Penguin Updates Mobile Website With Puffle Launch

  1. It looks really cool, but I probably won’t buy it. :P Also Trainman, I was able to compile a list of The Fair 2011 Prizes thanks to your leaked items! It is a little rough, but if you want to post it, go ahead:


    Cherry Balloon
    Mime Beret
    Mime Costume
    Mine Face Paint
    Every Flavor Ice Cream
    The Red Racer
    Lemon Balloon


    The Sundae Surprise
    Ball Pit Background
    Purple Balloon Pin
    The Trapeze Artist
    The Balloonist
    Squid Hug
    Inky Squid Lid
    On the Edge


    If you want to post this, go ahead. Note that some of these have recently came from the wiki. Where the prizes will be located in which stands, I don’t know.

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