Club Penguin System Defender Final Level 6 Update

On the Club Penguin Blog Billybob has given a quick update on the final System Defender Level. It was originally supposed to launch on August 11 but instead will launch at the end of the week.

It was also suggested you brush up on your game skills, so get practicing! ;)

The following page has been updated:

4 thoughts on “Club Penguin System Defender Final Level 6 Update

  1. No! That really sucks! I waited new System Defender more than clothing catalog, pin or furniture catalog. And now its comig next week! Im angry about this. I was so excited, thought i already know the up-coming level.. Do you? Well, its definitely Director and it will be 100/100 and if you win him you know who he really is, but Mimo guessed he could be BILLYBOB! He saids Behind The Scenes videos end “Be resourceful, be markable, be ready”, just like Director.
    Atleast im sure im rigth it will be Director.

    Long message, sorry. I just wanna tell my thoughts and ideas.

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