Club Penguin Rookie And Gary To Be At Great Snow Race?

While nothing has been stated officially by Club Penguin, there has been some rumors that some mascot(s) might be wandering around the island later this month during the Great Snow Race. While it does seem possible that Gary might be there since he is one of the main penguins associated with this party, what do you think? Because Gary is a main part of the EPF some think Rookie might be at the party, too. What do you think? Will Rookie be at the party? Gary? Both of them? Neither? A different mascot? Whatever you think, vote in the poll!

Which mascot do you think will be at the Great Snow Race?

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8 thoughts on “Club Penguin Rookie And Gary To Be At Great Snow Race?

  1. Although it does seem rookie and gary might come, its also a possibility Aunt Arctic could be reporting. Also, because she hasnt been on Club Penguin for a year it seems about time for her to come

  2. I thought Aunt Arctic was coming to this year’s Holiday Party, being she goes to ever other one… Like she was at the 2009 Holiday Party, so I thought that’s her time. And dont forget the possibility for a new masocot?

  3. Omg! I really hope both will come and just like A11766 said, it would be nice if Aunt Arctic comes too but its just weird to see her at other parties cus im settled to it that she comes only on Penguin Play Awards (am i wrong or rigth??)

    Or how about the Black Out? I dont know swich one I believe, I think Black Out sounds more interesting cus Gary coming anyways in Halloween, Rookie next April ja Aunt Arctic next year March if not no. Or if both.. that would be awesome : D
    Im even more excited :)

    (post please :))

  4. Hey trainman! I emailed Club Penguin and they said they aren’t sure if there are gonna be any character appearances at the GSR 2011 but I bet Gary ,AA, and Rookie are coming! To celebrate the new Party!

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