Club Penguin Reviewed By You: Apps

Billybob has posted this week’s Reviewed By You on the Club Penguin Blog! Last week he asked penguins for the names of secret agents that have gone both above & beyond the EPF’s call of duty. Rosie92853’s comment got picked. She said the following:

I totally think that Tif000 is the best epf agent because she completed all her missions right away and she is always trying very hard to complete the feild-ops,and when she sees other penguins asking for help with the feild-ops she helps them,she never gives up when doing system defender.Mostly i think she is just very helpfull and good at never giving up! Waddle on cp!

This week the Club Penguin Team wants to know if you were to make your own mobile app, what would it be?

The following page has been updated:

One thought on “Club Penguin Reviewed By You: Apps

  1. Elle Wt is the best EPF agent because she finished ALL missions in ONE DAY and all of the mini missions durring the big missions! and she does the feild ops like -Snap-. and she finishes EVERY system Defender game easily in like3 minutes..she even has all the EPF games on DS and all of the aps aswell. so tif is no competition for Elle wt….

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