Club Penguin Great Snow Race 2011 Cheats [Free Items + Walkthrough]

After much anticipation, the Great Snow Race 2011 Party has been released on the Club Penguin island!

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First go to the Ski Village. Waddle to the sign that says The Great Snow Race.

You’ll end up at the Base Camp. To begin your climb to the top go to the cave entrance on the right.

You’ll start off in the first room. To continue you must click on all the icicles. You can then go through to the next room.

The next room is a quick camp. Continue climbing.

This next room has another puzzle. In the middle of the screen on the left there is a tree branch. Keep clicking it to move the snow away from the ax. Once you are done with that use the ax to chop the wood. Do this by continually clicking the ax. Once the wood is chopped it will fall onto the ice patch. Then throw snowballs on the icicles until they fall. When they do the log will launch over the path. Waddle over it.

After that you’ll be at the top. You will unlock a stamp. You can also pick up a free Alpine Helmet.

You can sled race down the hill.

Here is a video:

Free Items

There is two free items. The main one is the Alpine Helmet at the top of the mountain.

The second one is the Infrared Tracker at the Ice Cave. It’s for EPF Agents. This item is supplied by Gary.

Operation Hibernation

See this post for more information.

Miscellaneous Things

At the Base Camp members can purchase five items.

The items are:

  • The Rocket for 350 coins
  • Slush Stopper for 150 coins
  • Blast-Off Board for 400 coins
  • Yellow Hiking Shoes for 200 coins
  • Red Hiking Shoes for 200 coins

At this party you can earn four stamps:

  • Explorer (members only, earned by visiting all the decorated party rooms
  • Snowboarder – DO a snowboard dance at a party (members only)
  • Stunt Penguin – Complete an obstacle course
  • Mountaineer – Reach a mountain peek

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  1. :( Too bad, I visited Town and Plaza (i waddled) and I headed to Ski Village and put mountain stuff and EPF thingy on head and i completed Laser Maze and i walked to mountain.. :( Any advises left?

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