Club Penguin Blog Reviewed By You: Helpful Friends

Billybob has posted a new reviewed by you on the Club Penguin Blog! He asked penguins what their first memory of Club Penguin was, and Erica777 said:

Hey CP i’m so glad you asked that question. The first time I logged into Club Penguin I was very young. I remember standing in the town just wondering where I should waddle off to first. Suddenly a bright blue penguin waddled up to me and said “hey you new here”. I shyly said yeah how did you know. She said I looked confused. I asked where you can get the best refreshments. The blue penguin grinned and said “thats easy it’s the coffee shop. When I walked into the coffee shop I knew by all the friendly faces and different people that I was perfectly safe on my new favourite site Club Penguin :D.

P.S. I want to thank BlueJunieB for being the first to add me as a buddy. YOU ROCK

This week the Club Penguin Team wants to know about someone who has been helpful to you and why you think they should be featured on the blog. Everyone should go comment saying Trainman1405 because he has a website showing the past of Club Penguin okay? Just kidding. ;)

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