Club Penguin June 2011 Ninja Martial Artworks Catalog Cheats

Club Penguin has released an all new Martial Arts Catalog! To see it go to the Ninja Hideout. You must be a black belt in Card-Jitsu. All of the new items are at the end of the catalog.

The first page has the Storm and the Lightning Gi.

The second page has The Quicksilver and the Ink Ceremony Robe.

The third page has the Golden Sun Suit.

There are some hidden items, too!

On the first new page click the leaves at the top right for The Bolt and the Thunder Gi.

On the second new page click the leaves on the bottom right for The Cinder and the Tea Ceremony Robe.

On the third and final new page click the top left leaves for the Crimson Sun Suit.

Awesome! Which new item do you like the best? Also, where are the Shadow Ninja items?! Anywho, here is a video on the hidden items:

The following pages have been updated:

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