Club Penguin Blog: History of the Penguin Band

Billybob has made a new post on the Club Penguin Blog! This time it’s a history post. It’s about the Penguin Band, in honor of the Music Jam 2011 which is coming to the island in several days.

First off, we have the Penguin Band from Penguin Chat 3, which dates all the way back to 2005. As you can see there was only three members and they were all blue.

Their first appearance in Club Penguin was in January 2006 during the Winter Luau. There was still three members. Franky was added to the band in 2007.

Eventually the Penguin Band became a country band.

According to Billybob on the blog the band will be a bit more modern. In fact, they’ll have their own music style!

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