Winter Luau 2006

The Winter Luau was the first 2006 party on Club Penguin. It was in the middle of January 2006. The decorations were somewhat simple, but it made the island seem festive.  The free item was the Hawiian Lei which was located at the Dock.

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  1. that looks like a good party but i joined in oct 25 2011 AND MY PENGUIN IS RARE I HAVE ALL ITEMS OF THE HALLOWEEN PARTY 2011 AND THE NEXT PARTY(i forgot the name) and free items of 2012! i cant wait to see what cp makes for 2013!

  2. Trainman This is not Club Penguin related but do you like these songs? There SOME of my favorite songs!

    Do you like those songs? Witch ones do you like/ don’t like! Please reply! Thanks!
    Waddle On

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