Club Penguin Blog: We’ve Got Mail!

Yesterday on Club Penguin’s blog Megg wrote a post about fan mail, and said that sometimes fan mail is even responded to by the team! That’s very nice of them to take the time to do.

Check out her blog post below if you’re interested:

Hi penguins,

Do you know what fuels the Club Penguin Team? I mean, besides coffee and squid sticks.

The community!

Hearing from all the penguins out there is totally inspiring. Fan mail is a great way to reach out to us. Sometimes, we can even write back! Here are a few things the Club Penguin Team has sent back to players who have written to us:




We’d love to hear from YOU! Fan mail can be sent to this address:

Club Penguin c/o Disney Canada Inc.
Suite 500 – 1628 Dickson Ave,
Kelowna, British Columbia,

Waddle on,

The Club Penguin Team

Have you ever sent Club Penguin something in the mail?

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