Why The “Club Penguin Ending Sports Catalog” Rumors Are False

If you visit other Club Penguin websites besides mine, you may or may not have noticed a post on a few websites within the past few days claiming that Club Penguin might be ending the Sports Catalog due to lack of updating. They (the penguins) are saying this because it was last updated in mid-January.

I want to debunk this myth and say it is not true. Club Penguin only updates their major catalogs (clothing and furniture) monthly. The rest of their catalogs such as Igloo Catalogs and Sports Catalogs only get updated a few times a year. In 2010, the Sports Catalog was only updated four times. It was updated in February, May, September, and December. (you can see all of them here) What I’m trying to say is just because Club Penguin hasn’t updated it in four and a half months it doesn’t mean they’ve abandoned it. I have a feeling that either later this month or in early June it’ll be updated with Summer sports, as the current one is Winter sports such as hockey.

Just wanted to clear that up. :)

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