Proof That Happy77 Is Indeed Helping Billybob Blog

By / May 7, 2011

Many of you might recall my original post that said I think Happy77 is blogging for Billybob. I then revisited that about a month ago with a post containing more evidence. Then, the other day I posted the new Club Penguin Blog Post on this website and you can see Happy77’s penguin in the picture. Well, my friend Superpacman1 emailed Club Penguin about it, asking. Take a look:

If you don’t want to read it all, Club Penguin Support said that Happy77 usually supplies the pictures to Billybob! Is that it, or does she secretly write under his name too? We might never know……

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Fake Billybob

Fake Billybob

Well you know I dont write in public but here it goes, Happy77 does help me why you may ask well we are buddies in real life so she respects my penguin(Billybob),so a new thing may come this year if you see a penguing named Extremo5410 add him, why you said well Extremo5410 is a really cool penguing and he is my friend. oops I said to much already. Waddle on cp!