Are Multiple Field Ops Coming This Week? [Idea/Theory]

As many of you are aware, we got a new field ops yesterday and a new EPF message from The Director that looks like this:

Attention agents. Complete Field-Ops as soon as possible this week. A signal has been found, and we need more agents to verify its message.

There’s something I want to point out about this message. Field Ops is plural in the message. It doesn’t say “Complete the field ops this week as soon as possible” or “Complete the field op this week as soon as possible.” It says “Complete Field-Ops as soon as possible this week.”

If you didn’t catch on, The Director made it seem like we’ll be receiving multiple field op missions this week, rather than the usual mission about once a week. What do you think? Do you think we’ll see a 41st or 42nd field op before Herbert’s Attack next week?

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