Club Penguin Increases US Membership Prices?

Update: The membership prices are all out of sync for me across computers! See this post on my Club Penguin Bugs website for more information.

It was reported earlier today that Club Penguin has increased their membership prices in the US. Take a look:

  • Monthly raised a dollar. It was originally $5.95
  • Six months raised five dollars. It was originally $29.95
  • A year raised two dollars. It was originally $57.96

However, looking at other places on Club Penguin’s website, the price raise hasn’t taken affect it seems, as it still lists the old price. Take a¬†look:

Same here:

Honestly, I think this is a bad move on Club Penguin’s end. In my opinion I think most people won’t be too happy with it now that it’s now a dollar more each month. However, I feel that Club Penguin offers the most out of all the other virtual worlds. As most websites charge the $5.95 each month I don’t think it’ll be too much of a deal. Who knows. I guess it’s up to the kids and parents who pay for the membership.

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