Club Penguin Blog: Happy77 Asks About System Defender

Happy77 has just made a rare appearance on the Club Penguin Blog. This time, their blog post is about System Defender. It reads:

Greeting Penguins!

Wow! There’s tons of activity in the Command Room! Agents are all over the new System Defender game!

Is it just me, or do those purple ring things look like candy?

I heard you guys wanna know the best way to squash those bugs. So I talked to a game developer to get the scoop. Check it out:

Q: This game is hard! Do you have any tips?
A: It IS hard! Listen up. Remember these three ‘C’s: cannons, corners and colors. Build cannons quickly. Corners make cannons more effective. Use cannons of different colors. Those are the keys to winning.

Q: How do I beat the bosses?
A: You’ll definitely need some firepower. Purple cannons fire slow, but do LOTS of damage. A couple of those will help you deal with those over-grown bugs!

Q: Will there be new levels to play?
A: I suppose that depends on whether anyone else is brave enough to attack the EPF…

Hope this helps! To those System Defenders out there – leave your best tips in the comments!

Until then…Waddle on!

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