Puffle Party 2012

The Puffle Party started March 15th, 2012. This is the first time the Puffle Handler made an appearance in the game. Member penguins could even become a Puffle! In addition to the party the Mine Shack was decorated for St. Patrick’s Day, complete with a free item.

14 thoughts on “Puffle Party 2012

  1. trainman I have a huge question wich might include some yelling.I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR A LONG TIME FOR THE PUFFLE PARTY TO START AND IT HASNT.WHAT HAVE THE TEAM BEEN DOIN?

    p.s sozz I had to yell im just getting angry }=(

  2. trainman I have a question that might include yelling.THE PUFFLE PARTY ISNT ON WHY? WHAT HAVE THE TEAM BEEN DOING.

    ps sozz about that im just really angry }=(

  3. traiman,la fiesta de san patricio regreso :D ¿no deberias poner la fiesta de san patricio y la foto de la unica sala decorada en fiestas del 2012?

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