Issue 1

Sorry, but we have no pictures of this newspaper issue. Do you have any? Email them to us!

38 thoughts on “Issue 1

  1. I think that old CP was always awesome and I really miss it. I’m still wearing the first pin that I ever got. It’s the Rose, Release Date: May 11, 2007.(:

  2. I am sure there are no screenshots or photos of this newspaper because no one really bother to take screenshots or photos at that time.

  3. Guys better stuff has happened in new cp.
    Like operation blackout, where we knew who the director was! And now in 2013, there is the marvel superhero takeover party! But I wish i was on cp when it was first released instead of 2008. I miss the PSA!

  4. I bet trainman hates old CP traditions. He supported the Monster thing party which will make CP more worse.

    • No, I love the old and new stuff. Just because you like new stuff doesn’t mean you’re a hater of old stuff!

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