Club Penguin Smoothie Smash Cheats

Smoothie Smash is located at the bottom left of the Coffee Shop. There are two modes. They are normal and survival. You can also access the directions from the main page.

Your controls are your arrow keys. Up is to move upward (although you bounce) left is to go left, right is right, and down is down. Hold down the down key to go down faster. You can get combos by following the recipes. In survival mode you try to smash as much fruit as you can without getting hit by an obstacle or the conveyor belt.

The recipe you need to make for the smoothie is in the bottom centre. This is in normal mode.

Fruits with white around them are the current fruit you need to smash to keep your combo/make the recipe correctly.

Your health metre is in the bottom right.

The penguin ordering is at the bottom left.

A timer with the amount of time left is at the top centre.

There are obstacles that effect your health such as the anvil.

Basically, you bounce around on the fruit to smash it. Make it in the correct order for smoothies. In survival mode you just bounce on as much fruit as possible without hitting an obstacle such as a bomb. Don’t land on the conveyor belt, either!

As for the stamps, there are 16. Everyone can unlock them all. Good luck on earning maximum coins!

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