Club Penguin Ice Fishing Cheats

Ice Fishing is located at the Ski Lodge on Club Penguin. You can get there from the Ski Village.

In this game you want to catch as many fish as possible. Simply move your mouse down to put the rod under the water in front of a fish. It will then hook onto it. Drag your mouse above the ice and click to put it in the bucket.

There is several obstacles that will cause you to drop the fish on your lure. These obstacles include barrels

and boots:

In addition to making you drop your fish you will need to put a new worm on the reel if you are hit by any of these obstacles. These obstacles are the jellyfish:


and shark:

If there is a can of worms floating by, be sure to get it! It’ll give you an extra life in the game.

When you see Mullet in the background the game is slowly coming to an end.

To catch it first get a fish on the hook:

Mullet will continue getting closer.


Even closer…

When it’s up close make sure your fishing reel is in front of the big fish!

Mullet will then bite the fish. The game is over….

…and then it will show you catching the large fish. You’ll get a 100 coin bonus.

It’ll then tell you you caught the big fish and display how many coins you earned.

Another thing you can do in this game is purchase the Flashing Lure Rod from the game upgrades catalog if you are a member.

If you wear it on your penguin and play the game you’ll get the special gray fish.

These ones are a little more tricky to catch, however they are worth more coins.

Happy fishing!

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