Club Penguin Astro Barrier Cheats

Astro Barrier is loaded with quite a few secrets! In this game you can skip levels, play secret levels, and play hidden expert levels!

The first cheat in this game is skipping levels. While on the main screen as shown below, hit “1” on your keyboard to skip to level 10, “2” to skip to level 20, and “3” to skip to level 30.

As you can see, when I hit the 1 on my keyboard I was instantly taken to level 10.

Same goes for level 20:

…and level 30!

To access the secret levels, play and complete level 10. Once level 11 has loaded wait 25 seconds. A blue ship will appear. Shoot it to access the secret levels.

This is what the secret levels look like:

The third and final cheat in this game is accessing the expert levels. Once you complete level 30 and the 31st level has loaded a blue ship will appear. Shoot anywhere except at the blaster.

Congratulations! You are now playing the expert levels.

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